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Franke Violins Bangkok

As the premier location for string instruments in Thailand, Franke Violins works with musicians and teachers of all levels to provide the finest service of sales, rentals as well as repairs and restorations of antique instruments.  Our aim is to allow everyone the opportunity to learn music with quality instruments. Our work involves supporting new and emerging artists alongside well-established performers and teachers. Welcome to Franke Violins!

- Andy Franke

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Andreas Franke

Andreas was born into a violin-making family in Leipzig, Germany in 1978. From 1995 to 1998 he studied and worked as an apprentice in his father, Wolfgang's workshop which led to him winning the first prize in a competition for German apprentices in 1998. 


In 1999, Andreas received special training in the field of bow making and repairing in the workshop of Jochen Schmidt in Dresden. Schmidt is recognised as the world’s leading expert in German bows and his own bows are played by musicians in the finest orchestras in the world. 


From 2000 to 2002, Andreas returned to Leipzig to work in his father’s workshop, and in 2003, he accepted a position in the famous workshop of Christine Eriks in Vienna. Here, he repaired and serviced instruments and bows of the highest calibre from travelling soloists and members of the Vienna & Berlin Philharmonic and the Vienna Symphony Orchestra, among many others.

At the end of 2005, driven by a desire to explore the world, Andreas took on a position at Orfeo Strings in Hong Kong where he met his future wife, Amy. In 2007, they moved to Amy’s native Thailand and Franke Violins Thailand opened its doors for trading.

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Our Heritage & History

Max Franke was the founder of Franke Violins in Leipzig, Germany. Born in 1880, Max and his older brother, Paul Franke, developed an early interest in violins and started his violin making studies at the age of 14 in the workshop of Otto Jaeger in Frankfurt-Oder. He gained further experience in the workshops of Heinrich Kessler (Mannheim) and Richard Heberlein (Nuremberg) and from 1900 - 1921 was the First Assistant of Albin Wilfer in Leipzig, one of the most important violin shops in Germany of the time.


In 1921, Max Franke set out on his own and Franke Violins was born. Max became recognised for his fine violins and won numerous awards for his work including the gold medal in the 1938 competition for German violinmakers. We still proudly own this violin and keep it as a reminder of the origins of our family dynasty. In addition to much sought after new violins, Max was also highly skilled at restoring all string instruments and his four sons, Rudolf, Herbert, Bernhard and Joachim all completed their training with him before setting up their own workshops throughout Germany.

Rudolf opened his shop in Wiesbaden and was succeeded by his son, Michael Franke who is still at the helm today.


Herbert set up in Mannheim and his son, Lothar, later set up in Darmstadt. Upon his retirement, Lothar's son, Joerg Franke took over the business.


Bernhard Franke had a workshop in Stuttgart and was succeeded by Autvant Miller.


Joachim took over the original Leipzig workshop from Max in 1959 and trained his own son, Wolfgang from 1965 - 1968.


Wolfgang set up his own separate workshop in Leipzig in 1974 and in 1978, his son, Andreas was born. Andy started his training at the age of 16 and in 2009 set up Franke Violins in Bangkok, Thailand, which is widely recognised as one of the leading shops in Asia.

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